Fowler & Owen Ready to contend with two swans after losing to Napoli

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Two of Liverpool’s legendary strikers Robbie Fowler and Michael Owen have criticized the Reds’ performance after their former club were demolished by Napoli in the UEFA Champions League.

  Two Liverpool heroes Robbie Fowler and Michael Owen both attacked the same players during the Reds ‘ Champions League defeat to Napoli last night. (Wednesday 7 September 2022) by Jurgen Klopp’s team lost 4-1 in Naples. That made the start of their new Champions League season their worst start and Fowler questioned Trent Alexander-Arnold’s commitment. And blame Joe Gomez ‘s mistake , which allowed Napoli to score.

Fowler & Owen Ready to contend with two swans after losing to Napoli

Fowler said: “You cannot ask questions. [to Liverpool’s commitment] over the past few years. But today we are We said it was a difficult game for Liverpool. We know how good Napoli is at home playing. ‘Don’t ever lose a goal. Let’s make sure we pack the game tight.’ I know Gomez will be heavily criticized because he made a mistake for the first goal. But look at the determination from Trent . But his determination to help his team in defense is poor to be honest Napoli are excellent. Liverpool’s defense was a total shock.

Owen couldn’t help but criticize the England duo. He said both players could have done better for Napoli’s first three goals. Owen said: “Don’t forget Napoli missed the penalty and hit the post as well. Liverpool’s right defensive line was torn apart and the third goal came from that side . Napoli quickly clamped down. full of energy Strength, determination, it’s a complete set of mistakes.” “Joe Gomez would look at every goal and think, ‘Should I do better?’ So did Trent. And the answer is yes to both questions.” “I think Liverpool fans have been expecting this for a while. Performance hasn’t been great in the past few weeks. And Napoli is a difficult place to visit. And if you’re not really perfect You will just become a fool. and they become fools.

Rio Ferdinand former Manchester United defender , added: “It was an embarrassing first 45 minutes for Liverpool. Especially defensively.” “What you cannot accept as a manager or as a player is a lack of effort and determination. When the players don’t run or don’t want to take it back Gomez makes a mistake. But you have to take back and help your teammates. And Trent doesn’t do that . The result of this competition is the UFABET same. They lack energy, effort, determination and desire.”

         “The big problem for Liverpool is that a lot of their big stars, which they have relied on over the years, are not playing close to the level they have built . It was before in terms of performance, Virgil van Dijk was the same. Fabinho looks a bit out of form. And you can go through the whole team.” “Both full-backs looked out of form. The goalkeeper too When you’re a team manager Usually you can rely on 3-4 players for those performances. He hasn’t received that right now.”