Maguire demands more Man Utd money in exchange for move to West Ham

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It’s not enough! The elite media hit the news Harry Maguire offered Manchester United to pay 675 million baht. In exchange for moving to West Ham because it was seen that the team paid 270 million baht was not enough because of the cost. Tiredness decreased from before

From the army, “Red Devils Manchester United. The giant club of English Premier League football, has reached an agreement with West Ham United. The โปรโมชั่น ufabet league team, to release Harry Maguire, the English national team defender. To play with at a price of 30 million pounds, or about 1,350 million baht in Thai money. Because Maguire became the choice of Erik Ten Hag. The team’s coach, was ranked 4th among the available players.

Maguire demands more Man Utd money in exchange for move to West Ham

Previously, Manchester United was willing to pay compensation to Harry Maguire in transferring the team in the amount of 6 million pounds, or approximately 270 million baht in Thai money. Which Maguire will receive wages. Reduced from 190,000 pounds per week, or about 8.55 million baht in Thai money. Reduced to 120,000 pounds, or about 5.4 million baht in Thai money.

The report states that Maguire has asked for more money from Manchester United from the original 6 million pounds to 15 million pounds, or about 675 million baht, because he sees that he still has a contract with the “Red Devils”. 2 years playing with West Ham to get a reduced wage If it is a 4-year contract, the money that should have been lost was 14.5 million pounds, or about 652 million baht, so the proposal was submitted to the agency to reconsider.