Pep urges his players not to underestimate Sevilla in the UEFA Super Cup

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Manchester City manager Josep Guardiola emphasizes the players “The Blues” Don’t underestimate Sevilla, because they’re a sly old-school team in European football. who defeated all the giants of the football industry

The UEFA Super Cup 2023 football battle between Manchester City. The UEFA Champions League champions, and Sevilla, the UEFA Europa League champions, will be played on August 16, 2023 in Greece by “Pe “The Blues” manager Josep Guardiola revealed to City TV, the club’s media outlet, that “Sevilla manager Jose Luis Mendilibar That I have known him for a long time. Since when I was in charge of Barcelona in the Spanish La Liga. When he was in charge of Sevilla very closely. But did a good job.”

Pep urges his players not to underestimate Sevilla in the UEFA Super Cup

“Watching Sevilla under Mendilibar proves that. this is his ยูฟ่าเบท team All players are inspired by the boss. Both creating a fast attacking game Wings on both sides, the best of both line opening. The chances created in the 18-yard box were good, the game looked aggressive and very responsive. It can be said that it is complete in all areas, ”Pep praised.

“On the way in the Europa League, Sevilla beat strong opponents from Manchester United to Roma in the final, where Sevilla were strong can do. Which I would like to admit that this team in the Europa League arena. It is amazing to say that Real Madrid are tied for the UEFA Champions League. Champions League, the Europa League has to be Sevilla.”

The Manchester City boss continued: For this game, the team was advised not to approximate Seville. Because it is considered a very seasoned team. This team knows how to play in continental cup football. What to do in order to win, with Sevilla having played in the UEFA Super Cup football 6 times, winning 1 title. So the experience in this cup is extraordinary.