Resulting in Online Slots of payout percentage

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If House Edge is the casino edge, then RTP ( Return To Player ) is the percentage payout to the player. Suppose we play a slot with an RTP of 96.1. When a bet of 100 baht is placed, the money will be sent to the casino for 3.9 baht. While the other 96.1 baht will be paid back to the player.

However, RTP is calculated based on long-term events. And the important thing that we need to be careful is that no matter how high the RTP. The longer we play, the more disadvantage we are at the casino. At the same time, if we play for a short time, spin for a while, this is quite a winning prize.

Resulting in Online Slots of payout percentage

As for the RTP value, this is not set up floating around because every game that the casino offers to serve, he will have to test that game first if it is fair to the players or not. With testing tools such as TST, eCOGRA, which are specific tools for testing gambling games. Then it will inform the RTP value back, the UFABET casino will come to see if it is worth using or not.

Another thing that must be understood is The payout rate and the frequency of the prize draw are different. The payout is what we get back. As for the frequency, it depends on how many symbols on the slot game are there.