Revealed 3 major reasons why Bohly’s dissatisfaction before Upheticle

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Three major reasons were speculated for Chelsea owner Todd Bohly’s displeasure and the sacking of Thomas Tuchel as manager on Wednesday morning.

Chelsea co-owner Todd Bohly was reportedly unhappy with Thomas Tuchel for at least three main reasons. Leading to the shock sacking of the German on Wednesday morning. 7 September 2022, following a 1-0 defeat by Dinamo Zagreb in the UEFA Champions League. He was sent off after just seven games in charge of the 2022-2023 season and 100 days in charge. Taking over Bohly’s side after taking over from Roman Abramovich for £4.25 billion. Brighton manager Graham Potter is expected to replace him.

Revealed 3 major reasons why Bohly's dissatisfaction before Upheticle

  However, it became increasingly clear that Tuchel’s dismissal had nothing to do with results and on-field performance. But it has more to do with his relationship with Chelsea’s board. First , Bohly is said to have been unhappy with Tuchel during the summer transfer window. And felt that the Beer City manager should have done more to convince the players to sign for the team. According to CBS Sports Bohly and senior executives like him are disappointed. Tuchel’s lack of assistance in persuading players to join Chelsea and feel that it will be a huge success. This caused them to miss out on signing the contracts they wanted.

 Among those players was Rafinha and Jules Kunde with Bohly trying hard to sign the two until the end they ended up at Barcelona. In the case of Kunde Chelsea have agreed a fee with Sevilla and Barca’s board have decided they may miss out on the Frenchman. Bohly wanted Tuchel to persuade Kunde to join the club. Felt he should have persuaded the 23-year-old to turn down Barca from then on. The 49-year-old, though, doesn’t seem as enthusiastic as the owners about the deal. Tuchel felt there were other options he wanted. and eventually signed Wesley Fofana from Leicester City. 

 Another reason is believed that Chelsea’spursuit of Cristiano Ronaldo has sparked a conflict between Tuchel and Bohly, with the cracks in the relationship between the two going back to the period. The start of the summer transfer window, when the latter was keen to make his ownership start big and memorable by spending big on big-name players, especially Ronaldo.

           Bohly wants the Blues to sign the Portugal international who has clarified Manchester United. United said he wanted to leave after the Red Devils failed to qualify for the Champions League, with Bohly meeting five-time Ballon d’Or agent Jorge Mendes to try to make a point. OK, but it appears. Tuchel initially disagreed and German publication Bild said he had told Bohly that Ronaldo would Destroy the spirit in my dressing room.” 

Another key reason was Tuchel ‘s personal life becoming a hot topic in the dressing room during the final corner of his Chelsea stint. The Blue Lions have spoken about his failed marriage and his new girlfriend. The German manager reportedly lost faith in the Chelsea players due to his stubborn character and unpredictable demeanor. While the personal life of the coach is also a topic of gossip in the dressing room as well. According to The Independent , Tuchel ‘s personal life was a key factor in his dismissal as it altered players’ perceptions of him.

 In April 2022, Tuchel and his wife Sissy announced they were divorcing after 13 years of marriage. ‘I have tried to support the marriage in every way’ but there is no hope of reconciliation. As a result, the couple filed for divorce and officially split up in May. But Tuchel didn’t take long to move on. After he was seen with his new Brazilian girlfriend Natalie Max on July 28, the pair rested on a boat in Sardinha, Italy, before returning to their private villa for £20,000. their night

Tuchel’s relationship with Max was a gossip among the players before it led to his downfall at Chelsea. It is said that the players in the team discussed his marriage that had collapsed. and that he has a younger girlfriend According to The Independent , this has changed the team’s perception of their manager, however, this was not the only reason Tuchel lost control in the Chelsea dressing room. The player has lost faith in his vision of the club and his tactics for the team. He is no longer regarded as the ‘ genius ‘ that led them to Champions League glory . ‘Unpredictable’ also played a key role in being sacked by Chelsea. 

However, before being fired It was also reported that Tuchel had ‘begged’ Chelsea not to sack him during a phone call. The German coach was shocked. After he was sacked as Chelsea manager over a 10-minute phone call, he pleaded for a second chance. According to The Sun , Tuchel returned to Chelsea’s Cobham training ground on Wednesday morning to analyze the UFABET team’s performance following the shock defeat to Dinamo Zagreb.

          But it turned out that no one greeted him when he arrived and he was instead told to attend a conference call with the Chelsea board and in the last 10 minutes Tuchel pleaded not to be fired and asked A second chance to turn the situation around But his pleas were ignored. He was fired from his post by Bohly. Tuchel was extremely shocked. before he left to collect his belongings. Say goodbye to everyone and leave the team complex. Chelsea then released an official release statement on the club’s website.

   Reece James became the first Chelsea player to speak up after Tuchel was sacked. By the right-back who signed a new contract with the Blues earlier this week. Shared a picture of himself cuddling with Tuchel hugging with the caption Thank you with a blue heart. 

Wesley Fofana recently moved to the club for a fee of 75 million pounds last week. Tuchel was the main driving force behind the signing of this contract. He made his Chelsea debut on Saturday 3 September 2022 and made his debut for Chelsea on Tuesday night. And he was mistaken for the goal of the French defender Mislav Orchiz . Post a photo of him and Tuchel on his Instagram Story. This showed his sadness after the German manager was sacked . Raheem Sterling, a new signing under Tuchel in the summer, posted a picture of The couple took to Instagram and wrote: “Thank you Boss.”