Revealing why Haaland’s father was carried off the field during the white-boat game

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Manchester City striker Erling Haaland’s father was escorted from the Santiago Bernabeu during last night’s Champions League match

  Erling Haaland ‘s father, was escorted from the VIP area. After clashing with Real Madrid fans during the first leg of the Champions League semi-final against Manchester United. Chester City last night by Alf-Inge Went to watch his son lead the blue sailboat army to invade the Santiago Bernabeu stadium to fight with the former champions of this UFABET program. And clips from social media showed the ex-Norwegian’s reaction to Real Madrid fans. 

Revealing why Haaland's father was carried off the field during the white-boat game

          In the footage, which first went viral on social media. Haaland Sr. argued with a Madrid fan in the VIP area, where the fans rallied. Seated in his lower row. The King shouted ‘Adios!’ (Adios = Goodbye) to the 50-year-old ex-footballer and one of Alfie’s friends waved to the crowd. Then will see Haaland Sr. waved both hands and smiled at the supporters below him. The former midfielder also graced his ears with Real Madrid fans. As the shouts in his direction grew louder and louder. Then, in the clip, security officers can be seen escorting the elder Haaland out of the VIP seating area. This appears to have happened while the tournament was still going on. 

 Spanish journalist Inaki Angulo reported that Haaland Sr. was accused of insulting Real Madrid fans during the match, as well as being accused of throwing food. (Reportedly it was peanuts) before he was escorted away. Another clip of Haaland Sr. was taken at halftime as the players walked down the tunnel. The former Norway international is seen pointing at a fan before making a disgusting gesture with his arm. 

          In this game, Alf-Inge’s son Erling There is an unusually quiet game. Failing to score his 51st goal of a stunning debut season against Real Madrid, the 22-year-old was kept under the custody of the centre-back duo of Antonio Rudiger and David Alaba .

          The result ended as City drew 1-1 with the reigning champions, with Vinicius Junior giving Real Madrid the lead before Kevin de Bees ‘ superb strike. Royne will help City complete a point return to England, with Pep Guardiola’s side aiming to beat the champions of Spain in the second leg at the Etihad Stadium. next week and hope to be a triple champion this season