Richarlison bursts into tears after the Champions League debut with two goals

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New Tottenham Hotspur forward Richarlison couldn’t hold back tears as he celebrated his success with his father. After scoring twice in his Champions League debut.

Richarlison overwhelmed with emotion couldn’t hold back tears. As he celebrated his Champions League debut like a dream with his friends. And family at the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium last night by the players signed in the summer for a fee of 50 million pounds from Everton
. Two goals gave Tottenham Hotspur a 2-0 start in Europe with a 2-0 victory over French side Marseille. 

Richarlison bursts into tears after the Champions League debut with two goals

  After the end of the whistle, the time of the match. The Brazilian forward, who made his man-of-the-match appearance in this game. Has been looking for his closest person to cheer on the front row in the West Stand stand. Welcomed by family members who shook hands and embraced him. But in the end, the former Everton star was unable to control his emotions. Before wiping away his tears and covering his face the family were supposed to be fathers, hugged him again.

      As Spurs fans shouted their name in support of the winning goal scorer. Richarlison was then comforted by team-mate Ivan Perisic as he made his way back to the sidelines. Perisic providing the assist for his first goal and also giving an assist. Cheer him briefly Before this striker walks to the tunnel , Owen Hargreaves, former England midfielder. He admitted that he understood Richarlison’s expressions of emotion very well. Because before this 25-year-old star will have the opportunity to compete in the big European cup, it has to go through a lot.

          Sometimes you have to win badly and difficult in the Champions League. Hargreaves told BT Sport . But look what it means to him. for him and his family. As a young man You dream of getting on this stage and playing in front of the crowd at this stadium. He works really hard. To score two goals in your first Champions League game was special. He’s a special person that a lot of people feel the same and we saw that tonight.”

Peter Crouch also praised the Brazilian national team. Emphasizing that his performance had masked a difficult night for Spurs, who worked so hard in the game before winning. “It is surprising that he [Richarlison] hasn’t played in the Champions League, he’s been good enough for many years,” added the former Tottenham Hotspur striker. He failed to score at the weekend. But that’s what he brings. He brought the goal to the team. Another dangerous player, a disappointing night for Tottenham. It’s a difficult game for them. But the most important thing is the score.”

 Asked about the reason for crying after the match , Richarlison said: “ My father is here. He has been with me throughout his football career. He has helped me a lot to make my dreams come true. Having him here today overwhelms me with emotions because he is part of all my success . It was my childhood dream. Being there, listening to this song, playing this game, I was overwhelmed with feelings and rewarded by scoring these two goals.”

          Full of admiration for his teammates , Harry Kane told BT Sport : “Ricci has been great since he came in. working hard for his opportunity Play well whenever he gets the chance. Now, Richarlison hopes he can keep his place in Antonio Conte’s starting line-up as they look to maintain a seven-match unbeaten record. At the start of the UFABET season in the next game against Manchester City on Saturday.