Wolf appealed successfully Costa immediately flew for medical examination.

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Wolverhampton Ex-Chelsea forward Diego Costa’s work permit has been appealed. The players will undergo a physical examination this Thursday with a contract until 2023.

Wolverhampton Wanderers English Premier League team have successfully appealed to UK authorities. In the event of being denied a work visa or work permit of  Diego Costa. The veteran striker was drawn to fix the injury problem. The players will fly to the land of good people today. Before attending a physical examination the next day and signing a one-year contract 

Wolf appealed successfully Costa immediately flew for medical examination.

The 33-year-old was originally scheduled to arrive on Tuesday. But it had to be postponed because the wolf encountered a problem unable to obtain a work permit. Because it didn’t meet the specified criteria, but Wolfe immediately filed an appeal. Which this time it appears that he has been given the green light to enter the football league in the top country

Journalist Fabricio Romano tweeted. Wolves appeal for Diego Costa’s Work Permit has passed. Diego will fly to England tonight to discuss a contract. In the last step, there is no fee. The scheduled physical exam on Thursday will be an important step in the process with the signing of a one-year contract. 

The Portuguese coach Bruno Lach. Must solve immediate problems when Zaza Caladzic, a new spearhead, recently grabbed from Stuttgart in the German Bundesliga battle, unfortunately suffered a knee injury in the opening match. The home game beat Southampton 1-0 on Saturday, September 3, while Mexican international Raul Jimenez suffered a groin injury during the warm-up before the game.

They have to hurry to contact Costa, who is an unaffiliated player. Since the termination of the contract with Atletico Mineiro in the Brazilian hometown league last January. Therefore, the UFABET team can be moved even if the football market is closed. At the same time, he also has experience playing with Chelsea before between 2014-2018 as well.